There’s more to life than self-indulgent art. Or that may be a lie spread by communists. In any case, here are some of the things I do as part of a balanced(?) diet.

Internet publishing

I make straightforward Internet sites that work well. They’re not technologically complex, gimmicky, or trendy, nor are they prohibitively expensive. Functionality is greatly underrated. (Read more ...)

Book publishing

I like Internet publishing, but there’s still something to be said for publishing on paper. I enjoy helping people publish books; it’s easier and less expensives than it’s been in centuries. (Read more ...)


Podcasting is an efficient, inexpensive way to send audio recordings and video to people who want to hear from you. Apple explains how to do it in fewer than 9,000 words. Or, I can set up a podcasting program for you.

Fixing computers

If your Windows machine is giving you grief, I’m not surprised. Sorry; I can’t help you there. But if your Apple computer is misbehaving, I can probably fix it. (Read more ...)

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