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An Artist’s Notebook of Sorts

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Weak V


30 January 2012

gratuitous image

No. 6,313 (cartoon)

Yes or no?

Yes and know.

31 January 2012

gratuitous image

Gratuitous Photo of the Weak: Plastic Bag

I spotted a plastic bag migrating past my boat to join the plastic island halfway to Hawai’i.

1 February 2012

The Little Army

Stephan came up with an interesting definition for terrorists: what the big army calls the little army. It’s too simplistic to be of any practical use; that’s why I like it.

2 February 2012

Avoidance Strategies

“You avoid work whenever you can,” Andrew told me.

“It wouldn’t make any sense to avoid it when I can’t, no?” I replied.

And that was that.

3 February 2012

Fetus Fettuccine Ban?

Oklahoma is not known for its cuisine beyond large slabs of cow. And now, the menu’s about to get even smaller. Senator Ralph Shortey has introduced Senate Bill 1418 to ban, “the sale or manufacture of food or products which contain aborted human fetuses.”

“You may think it’s ethical to kill a child in the womb,” the politician explained. “But the question now before us is: is it ethical to then use that aborted child for research and development to enhance flavors in food?”

I think fetus fettuccine speaks for itself, although no Oklahoman will be able to hear it if Shortey’s bill becomes law.

4 February 2012

Trees Are the Answer?

Whilst pedaling through the park today, I saw a large truck with a sign on the side that declared, “Trees are the answer.”

Maybe they are; maybe they aren’t. It’s impossible to know in the absence of a question.


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