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An Artist’s Notebook of Sorts

Weak I

01 January : 08 January

No. 3,275 (cartoon)

Remembering the Perihelion

Calendar Considerations

1925 Revisited

Sexistpigdog Nouveau

A Day Without Wine Is Like ...

April Fool’s Baby

Fucking Roads, Austria

Weak II

09 January : 14 January

No. 5,843 (cartoon)

Speedy Dizzy

Slasher Wine Bottle

The Paradox of Time

Colon Meat Stew

Problems, Solutions, and Precipitants

Weak III

15 January : 21 January

No. 6,865 (cartoon)

Barbarians Through the Gates

No More Muses

Mayonnaise and a Cheese Grater?!

Blues and Grays Revisited

The Father Tongue from Outer Space

A Small Step for Gender Equality

Weak IV

22 January : 29 January

No. 9,994 (cartoon)

Poor Jamie Dimon

Not Close at All

Burns Night

How Come Me?

Twenty-First Century Schizoid Man Revisited

Wolf Moon

A Five-Kilometer Line from Dildo to Spread Eagle, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada

Weak V

30 January : 04 February

No. 9,689 (cartoon)

The Seeds of Winter Joy

Dead Rabbit

Not Doing Nothing

Que Será Sarah

The Infernal Condition

Weak VI

05 February : 11 February

No. 3,538 (cartoon)

Five-Fourteenths of Joe Cocker’s Life

Permanent Signature

My Kind of Book Club

I’m Not a Cat

Dawning and Sunsetting Ideas

Snow Patch, Encantado Circle, Santa Fe, New Mexico

Weak VII

12 February : 19 February

No. 2,915 (cartoon)

The Perfect Conceptual Artist

My Cheesy Besheret

All I Need to Know About Mars

Who’s Nan Porter?

A Shaky Story

Two Good Is Not Too Good

Snowy Encantado Fence (Sextych)


20 February : 25 February

No. 7,298 (cartoon)

The Perfect Conceptual Artist Revisited

Lawrence Ferlinghetti 1919-2021

North on Top?

One of Thirty-Seven Drummer Jokes

Fairly Good With Words

Weak IX

26 February : 04 March

No. 4,185 (cartoon)

Faux Photography

You Will Not Live to Hear the Thunder

Half-Past Soon and a Quarter to Later

Alternative Dead Horse Strategies

Happy Liberation Day!

Great Advice Misinterpreted

Weak X

05 March : 12 March

No. 2,521 (cartoon)

A Pox on Televisions

Brunswick’s Kitty Godmother

Malaysia Airlines Flight 370

How to Make More Babies

Wayne’s Boat

The New Knife Conundrum

Six Creations of Biblical Proportions

Weak XI

13 March : 18 March

No. 4,556 (cartoon)

Never Memorize

Drivel Unfit to Print

Anonymous Idea

Snow Day Visual Break

Drink Responsibly!

Weak XII

19 March : 25 March

No. 3,317 (cartoon)

The Ants of Spring

Jerry Wellman and Nina Mastrangelo

Singing Like Edith Bunker

Forty-Two and Sixty-Nine Revisited

All of My Sources

Works Art Cold


26 March : 02 April

No. 7,832 (cartoon)

Stop Worrying About Apophis

Bob Dylan at Eighty

Chinese Running Dog Nostalgia

A Cheesy Joke

My Undeveloped Theory of Love and Obnoxiousity

Silent Fools

Improved Packaging for Large Hollow Chocolate Bunnies

Weak XIV

03 April : 08 April

No. 5,417 (cartoon)

Beware of the Ether Bunny!

Damning with Spraint Praise

Know What I Mean?

Ignorance is Bliss

My Father’s Culinary Gift

Weak XV

09 April : 15 April

No. 492 (cartoon)

Lizzie the Deuce Widowed

Old Chair, New Chair

Compensation Cliché on Steroids

Ripped Toilet Paper

Wondering Aloud

Tagged Toilet

Weak XVI

16 April : 23 April

No. 2,164 (cartoon)

Another Forever Woman

Chuck Geschke

Half Like Hemingway

Right on Target

You Can’t Afford to be Sober at Those Prices!

The Crux of the Biscuit Is The Apostrophe

Poke Penetrate Puncture


24 April : 29 April

No. 7,186 (cartoon)

My Audio-Immune System

New Mexico Constellation

Grenade Party Nostalgia

Pope Shonky

No Joke


30 April : 06 May

No. 4,852 (cartoon)

Dead Whales Can’t Swim

Do Snakes Have Ears?

Rain Man

A Bright Idea

IFOs on Parade!

Dead Mule Gulch

Weak XIX

07 May : 14 May

No. 9,113 (cartoon)

So Long Santa Fe

Colorado or Oregon?

Recycle Remix Regurgitate Repeat

A Virus by Any Other Name

No Honkies Need Apply

Footballfish Love

Taos Nursery

Weak XX

15 May : 20 May

No. 6,578 (cartoon)

Look, No Hands!

Hair Zone

Peace in the Middle East and Ireland

A Twenty-Five Billion Chicken Oversight

The Pencil of Nature (Revisited)

Weak XXI

21 May : 27 May

No. 4,610 (cartoon)

Bombardier Cogswell’s Da Bomb

Happiness Is Not a Thing One Seeks


Truth Sandwich

Ant and Fruit Fly Evolutionary Considerations

Flint Institute of Good Engineering


28 May : 04 June

No. 3,065 (cartoon)

A Brutal Critique, The Beginning

A Brutal Critique, The End


The Vulva Part(s)

Do Cats Eat Human Corpses?

Coronarama Nostalgia

A Gift to Which We Can All Look Forward


05 June : 10 June

No. 852 (cartoon)

Haters Über Alles?

Romaine Roulette

Give Me Convenience or Give Me


Older Than She’s Ever Been

Swimming Like Otters Correction


11 June : 17 June

No. 9,622 (cartoon)

As Seen at Auschwitz!

Seat Down

High at the Time

Jean Cocteau’s Amazing Day

Acme Nut Co.


Weak XXV

18 June : 25 June

No. 6,255 (cartoon)

Stop Press: We’re Not Getting Any Younger!

The Solstice Happened

Cognitive Offloading

False Audio Economy

Annalee’s Listless

I Ain’t Got No Class

They Shall Hear of This in Berlin!


26 June : 01 July

No. 2,280 (cartoon)

El Abrevadero

The Things Humans Know

Particles of a Real and Rhythmic Whole

Epicurean Slop

Victor’s Confucian Truths


02 July : 08 July

No. 8,347 (cartoon)

A More Idiotic, Harmful Idea


Solar System Update

Deceptive Photographic Film Titles

Miss Mexican Covid 2021

Ephemeral Weld


09 July : 16 July

No. 320 (cartoon)

The Dawn of The Twilight Zone

The Penultimate Doodad

The Last Lesson Huey Learned

A Relatively Good Morning

Scoring a Hundred of Kilos of Cheap Grass

Like a Chickenless Head

The Jams (Kicked Out)


17 July : 22 July

No. 2,534 (cartoon)

(No) Sex, Japanese Cardboard Stylee

The History of the Twenty-Eighth Century

Organic Vegan Steak Sauce

Free-range Worm Feces

Shrouded 1948 Airstream

Weak XXX

23 July : 29 July

No. 5,722 (cartoon)

Three Cilantro Taqueria Tortilla Chip Bags

Luciano Ramone

Eric Clapton, Incomparable Theremin Soloist

There Is No Sun

Possibly Certainly

Unmarked Presidio Grave


30 July : 06 August

No. 4,911 (cartoon)

Seymor’s Custom Cameras

Exorcising a Photographic Demon

Remembering Enrico Caruso

More Leica Follies

A Titanic Opportunity

A Failure to Understand Microphones

A Quarter Century After The Ramones


07 August : 12 August

No. 1,017 (cartoon)

Sinking a Book

Dull, Boring, and Bland Day

Purdy Kelp

Kwanon, Not Canon

Fungible Culture Therapists


13 August : 19 August

No. 7,368 (cartoon)

Never Answer an Anonymous Letter

Pandemic Pussy Prerogatives

News From The Land o’ Pi

Turning the Art Career Corner

Pasta Quantity Considerations

Freedom from the Known


20 August : 27 August

No. 2,405 (cartoon)

Chuck Close Was No Amateur

Redeat Wondemu’s Big Mistake

Where There’s a Hit There’s a Writ

Goddamned Hornworm

Found Sand Painting

Learning From Failures

Five Unwinnable Chess Games


28 August : 02 September

No. 9,722 (cartoon)

Barf Bag Banquet

The Deadening Grey Twilight Zone

A Stupid Person’s Way of Trying to Appear Smart

Appointment Television

Motor City Italian Sausage


03 September : 09 September

No. 2,923 (cartoon)

Herbert, Wilma, and Expectation Management

The Whiting Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning Building

Desert Chair With Yucca

Evanescent Fugacity

Seamus “Guiseppi” O’Flahertie’s Authentic Italian-Inspired Corned Beef and Cabbage Pizza

A Hot Show of Cool Art


10 September : 17 September

No. 5,310 (cartoon)

Humane Aerial Transport for Rhinoceroses

The Muse of Disco Revisited

Trailer Park Rules

The Whittier Classical Academy


Sippin’ Whisky at Ten Kilometers

Lizard Brain


18 September : 23 September

No. 4,525 (cartoon)

Escape Mechanism (Hemingway House Installation)

Peanut Butter and Carbon Dioxide Physics

Now With Less CO2!

Twenty-four Thousand Days Old on the Equinox

Birdbrain Solution


24 September : 30 September

No. 5,038 (cartoon)

Birthday and Solstice Befuddlement

Art Doesn’t Care

Drop a Dime

Hinkley Freed!

Squinting Down from the Shoulders of Giants


Weak XL

01 October : 08 October

No. 9,745 (cartoon)

International Chest Federation?

The Most Egotistical Person in the World?

National POETRY Day

A Number of My Novels

A Toilet That Smells Like a Car

The Problem With Book Learnin’

The Unko Museum

Weak XLI

09 October : 14 October

No. 4,623 (cartoon)

Throw the Dog a Drone

My Vermeer Brushstrokes

The Old Pygmy Triceratops Con

V is for Geese

Twelve Charles J. Capen School Windows


15 October : 21 October

No. 3,970 (cartoon)

I’m a Time Millionaire!

Wine Cellar on High

Falling in No Love

Question One

The Most Brilliant People on Earth

The Typo of the Millennia


22 October : 29 October

No. 5,696 (cartoon)

Generic Headstones

Lobster Taters

Our Freedom-Loving Friends in Saudi Arabia

Partially Zero Lies

Klebsiella granulomatis

How Long Should One Live?

Pink Flamingo in a Different Light


30 October : 04 November

No. 2,274 (cartoon)

No More Providence Plantations

Lonsdale Drive-In South Parking Lot, Lincoln, Rhode Island (Diptych)

A Moron in a Hurry

Curly Parsley and Beyond

Lost Cat

Weak XLV

05 November : 11 November

No. 4,344 (cartoon)

Six Gas Meters, 67 Sprague Street, Dedham, Massachusetts (Sextych)

Preventing Canine Spoilage

Hospital Waiting Room

The Greek Future Past


Some Real Good Witty Repartee


12 November : 19 November

No. 5,275 (cartoon)

Make It Three!

In My Next Life, Maybe

Bad Mayonnaise Reflection

Nothing to Steal

Davemaoite Ain’t Davidium

Shut Up and Write Dada!

Sans Frisco Clichés


20 November : 25 November

No. 8,958 (cartoon)

The Zebra Question

Two-Dimensional Dogs Are Best

The Only Audience That Matters

Golden Gate Bridge Suspension Cables (Triptych)

Thanksgiving Bounty


26 November : 02 December

No. 4463 (cartoon)

Now Hear This!

Vinyl and Cow Dung

The One About the Showgirl

A Ton of Cat Hair

Burning N95 Mask

A Dangerous Precedent


03 December : 10 December

No. 8,475 (cartoon)

An Area of Opportunity

Not a Great Writer

Planet or Plastic?

Beyond the Default Mode Network

Swiss DiePod

The Art of the Scam

Six Claremont Avenue Paving Concerns

Weak L

11 December : 16 December

No. 8,379 (cartoon)

God, Satan, and Pig Semen

A Candle Factory and Not a Trailer Park?

Experts Now Say

Nothing Worse

Seven Swale Mouth Poles (Triptych)

Weak LI

17 December : 23 December

No. 9,928 (cartoon)

Santa Must Die!

Setting Sights Low

My Obituary

My Father’s Deathday

The Confucius Card

Country Life

Weak LII

24 December : 31 December

No. 681 (cartoon)

Unattractive and Unpopular Men

The Unnamed Desert

Licking the Television Habit

Wayne Thiebaud

Time for Lunch with Susanne

Beyond Golden Brown

My New Year’s Resolution

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