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An Artist’s Notebook of Sorts

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15 May 2016

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No. 1,755 (cartoon)

Life is short.

Life is long.

Not in that order.

16 May 2016

Come Back Younger Comeback

Angelina is an attractive woman; anyone can see that from a distance. That includes old men with poor vision, many of whom approach her with offers that might politely described as inquiries of romantic interest.

“What do you do when someone much older than your father propositions you?” I asked.

“There’s no excuse for rudeness,” she replied, “so I politely ask him to go away and to come back when he’s younger.”

“That is indeed kind of you,” I agreed. “The last time Freddie amorously approached a woman young enough to be his granddaughter, she told him to find someone else to change his diapers.”

17 May 2016

The Body She Wants

Evelyn is one of the happiest people I know, in large part because she’s rejected the pressure to be someone she’s not. She’s one of the few people who has the body she wants; all she had to do was to decide that she wants a body that weighs over a hundred kilograms.

18 May 2016


Alexia was annoyingly coy about her plans for the weekend. When I asked her for specifics, she told me that she’d learned the hard way that prosecutors love to use the word, “premeditated.” I knew she was feigning the appearance of illicit activities to hide—albeit not very well—the fact that she’ll probably just continue to watch television shows and movies all day and all night.

19 May 2016

Lewis’s Indirect Critique

Lewis Baltz died a year and a half ago, and I just got around to reading his final interview in which explained why he abandoned plans for a project at the Newport Harbor Museum in California.

“But once I got there, I didn’t find anything to do. I didn’t want to photograph more land being churned up,” he explained. “I could do that easily enough, but that was all the more reason to not do it.”

I’ve been looking for easy projects to do, and so I was uncomfortable with his indirect critique of my sloth. This could be a good time to start thinking.

20 May 2016

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Questioning the King James Bible

I extracted every question mark in the King James version of the Christian bible and ended up with three thousand two hundred and ninety-seven of ’em. I arranged the characters in an grid that pleased me, Questioning the King James Bible.

Is the resulting work questioning religion in general, and/or Christianity in particular and/or the bible and/or the King James iteration in particular? I have nothing to say except to quote Marcel Duchamp, “People give more to pictures than they take from them.” I’ll conclude with what may or not be Samuel Goldwyn’s corollary, “Pictures are for entertainment; messages should be delivered by Western Union.”


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