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An Artist’s Notebook of Sorts

Weak I

01 January : 08 January

No. 9,466 (cartoon)

Twenty Years of Data

Fab on the Slab

No Other Possibility


Ten Sexennia Later


Archived at the Archive

Weak II

09 January : 14 January

No. 4,619 (cartoon)

Another Slow News Day

David Bowie

Five Days Later

Why Leave Port?

Then Ate His Beans!

Weak III

15 January : 21 January

No. 86 (cartoon)

Suicide Vests

The First of April is Taken

The Group of Sixty-Two

The Internet’s Natural Enemy

Pink Flesh for the Machine

Forty-Eight Sporting Areas and Their Variance from Phi

Weak IV

22 January : 29 January

No. 7,843 (cartoon)

Traditional Courtship Strategies

Poseur with Delusions of Adequacy

Invisible Zebras

Torturing Censors

Marvin Lee Minsky

Sticky Theological Queries

A Posthumous Pox

Weak V

30 January : 04 February

No. 875 (cartoon)

There Actually Is Another Word for It

Colitis Mondegreen

Toilet Paper

The Wrong Tree

Working Less by Degrees

Weak VI

05 February : 11 February

No. 1,854 (cartoon)

Still Alive

Killed by a Meteorite

Golden Gate Park Cycling Track

Black Foam Rectangle

Low Entertainment Thresholds

Unfortunate Idiots

Weak VII

12 February : 19 February

No. 9,927 (cartoon)

Love in the Time of VD

The Revolutionary Alliance of Men Whom Women Find Unattractive

Neutron Baseball Star

Walter and Colleen

Never Better Than Today

Torpor in the House

Poning My Visit with Colin


20 February : 25 February

No. 8,740 (cartoon)

An Obvious Password

Prime Number Déjà Vu

No Lessons Learned

Identically Unique

Artist-Approved Point of Interest (sketch)

Weak IX

26 February : 04 March

No. 2,151 (cartoon)

Don at Ninety-Four

Kook, No Travel

The Secret of Finding Happiness

Michelle’s Cave

The Museum of Spoiled Dairy Products

Tragic Human Machines

My Mother at Eighty

Weak X

05 March : 12 March

No. 6,454 (cartoon)

Elaine’s Punctuation

An Unfortunate Coincidence

Chinese UFO

Dream Come True

My Day in Court

Two-Dimensional City Birds

Who You Gonna Believe?

Weak XI

13 March : 18 March

No. 867 (cartoon)

Rounded Up Pi Day

Green Anaconda Casket

Too Much Evolution

Bosch’s Derrière Music

Making Gallimaufries

Weak XII

19 March : 25 March

No. 8.788 (cartoon)

Playing God With Worms

Boaty McBoatface

That’s the Joke

Downtight and Wiggly-laced

Cooking for Kids

Dryer Balls


26 March : 02 April

No. 8,765 (cartoon)


Disappearing Salespeople

Overrated Thinking

The Land of Tradition, Not Progress

Whisky Diet

Happy Birthday to Me

The Unthinkable

Weak XIV

03 April : 08 April

No. 7,851 (cartoon)

Opening Game

A Many Splintered Thing

Camel Juice

Jeepers Creepers

My Father at Ninety-Six

Weak XV

09 April : 15 April

No. 4,712 (cartoon)

Our Wobbly Planet

Eighteen Percent Grey Star

Drinking Instead of Thinking

When a Goldfish Dies

Fish on My Dish Is My Wish

Rainier Ale: The End of the Line

Weak XVI

16 April : 23 April

No. 8,446 (cartoon)

The Bakery and the Sheep

Killer Earthquake


BTUs versus ATUs

A Sporting Chance

Prince Rogers Nelson

Love her think forgeries (pluck the pelf)


24 April : 29 April

No. 3,745 (cartoon)

Bull Headed Dung Beetle/Beatle

Waiting for Food, Profitably

Don’t Die for Your Corporation

End of the Line: Nancy Heckrotte 1958-2016

Gimme a Blond! Gimme a Cliché! What Does That Spell?


30 April : 06 May

No. 3,829 (cartoon)

A Hundred Trillion Dollars Poorer

End of the Line: Aurora Maria Sanchez 1925-2016

Olympian Sewage

Health Care Is Bad for Your Health

End of the Line: Charles Gatewood


Weak XIX

07 May : 14 May

No. 9,763 (cartoon)

Boring Conference


With Apologies to Pimpin4Paradise786

Certain Things

The Room Formerly Known as John

Mixed Drinks About Feelings

Three Predictable Pacific Palms

Weak XX

15 May : 20 May

No. 1,755 (cartoon)

Come Back Younger Comeback

The Body She Wants


Lewis’s Indirect Critique

Questioning the King James Bible

Weak XXI

21 May : 27 May

No. 5,779 (cartoon)

Farting in The New York Times

Geographic Highs and Lows


Open Here

Born on Third Base

Hiroshima, Not Detroit


28 May : 04 June

No. 866 (cartoon)

A Bottle is a Glass

Unperformable Works

Say Nopes to Snopes

My New Helipad

Purple Pain

Icelandic Hygiene

The Onliest Boxer in History


05 June : 10 June

No. 7,429 (cartoon)

The Unexamined Life is Great

Tim Berners-Lee’s Curious Query

Where the Upper Right Quadrant Isn’t

The Soul of Twit

Dumber Than Guano


11 June : 17 June

No. 6,003 (cartoon)

Better Wine Through Chemistry

Miss Moose Jaw


Jean Cocteau’s Amazing Day

Mark Zuckerberg is a Shape-shifting Alien Reptile

Black Boxite

Weak XXV

18 June : 25 June

No. 8,757 (cartoon)

The Happiness on Her Jacket

Nine Eighths of a Pizza

The Right Occasion

More Trees

Another Good Book I’ll Never Read

A Mangled Apricot Hellbeast

Bill Cunningham


26 June : 01 July

No. 8,283 (cartoon)

A Pretty Girl Is Like ...

Financial Noise

The Five-Second Rule Revisited

A Cautionary Digital Tale

Forty ISO 12233 Test Chart Variations


02 July : 08 July

No. 4,567 (cartoon)

The Best Rubber Sandwich Ever

Ben Patterson

End of the Line: Al Weber 1930-2016

I, Loafer

Universal Expansion

The Periodic Table of the Periods


09 July : 16 July

No. 1,863 (cartoon)

First Unitarian Church of Kensingtoned

Pluto, the Icy Dwarf

Not Reaching Out

Seventy-Five Hundred Days Later

Enervated Dada

Van Gogh’s Pistol

A Ten O’Clock Misunderstanding


17 July : 22 July

No. 4,607 (cartoon)

Who’s Joe Blow?

Ask Any Prostitute

Overtones of Ammonia and Asparagusic Acid

Avoid Serious Injury

Not Abandoning Aspirations

Weak XXX

23 July : 29 July

No. 583 (cartoon)

Drinking and Driving Down the Champs-Élysées

The Allure of Tepid Endoplasm

Breasts in Animal Units

Hinckley for President!


To Whom It May Concern


30 July : 06 August

No. 6,033 (cartoon)

Relentless Haunting Things

As High as an Elephant

He Didn’t Want No Retro Spective

Editing Photographs

Anonymous Naval Hero

The Winter Summer Olympics Scam

Bitter Melon Torture


07 August : 12 August

No. 8,711 (cartoon)

A Sensible Number of Variations

Bosch at Five Hundred


Wrong Number



13 August : 19 August

No. 8,749 (cartoon)

The Somber in Sombrero

Highly Explosive

Canadian and Laotian Sex

Weasel Anal Gland Oil


Sixty-Nine Dried Peppers Arranged in Twenty-Three Random Ménages à Trois


20 August : 27 August

No. 5,790 (cartoon)

Becoming a Better Liar

The Voynich Manuscript

Bagpipes Kill

Thinking Without a Tank

Arch Rubble

Photo Pills

Lost Mail


28 August : 02 September

No. 9,135 (cartoon)

LD50 Coffee

Deaths, Nothing That Serious

Belphegor’s Prime

Evil’s Not So Bad

Why Do Sheep Attend Concerts?


03 September : 09 September

No. 3,820 (cartoon)

Puppy Love

Good Word Choices

Driverless Cars

Four Flavors of Giraffes

Being and No Such Thing

Positively Defecacious


10 September : 17 September

No. 868 (cartoon)

Not a Very Good Writer

Zip Line (sketch)

A Directionless Burrito

Diversity, Eh?

Rifle Redundancy

La Dolce Vita

Flea Scratch Fever!


18 September : 23 September

No. 8,133 (cartoon)

Two Whopper Prints (Diptych, Made With Steamroller Platen)

A Decade-Long Divorce


Seven-Dollar Toast

Two or Three Parents


24 September : 30 September

No. 2,974 (cartoon)

No Degree in Celibacy

Petrov Day

A Debatable Debate

Post-Grammatical Stress Disorder

(No) Travel Photographs

Strobe Lighting

Weak XL

01 October : 08 October

No. 4,614 (cartoon)

(Not) Photographing Julie

Where Car Accidents Always Occur

National Poetry Day


What Are the Odds?

Kamikaze Questions

Internet Archive Eruv (sketch)

Weak XLI

09 October : 14 October

No. 8,736 (cartoon)

A Truly Stunning Photograph

Mop Dogs

Lina’s Identity

Two Trillion Galaxies

The Dylan Prize for Plagiarism


15 October : 21 October

No. 2,149 (cartoon)

Hearing Trees Dream

Function Passes Out

Ghost Pepper Burger


One Ant?!

Internet Archive Audio Underground


22 October : 29 October

No. 5,933 (cartoon)

Deleted Unread

Dead After Alive

Toasting Gender Equality

Sex Clean

World Standards Day(s)

Salem Witch Trials

My Internet Site, Cemented in Time


30 October : 04 November

No. 546 (cartoon)

Beers Are for Kids

No Phonies

Posthumously Profitable

The Situation in Cleveland

The Official Monster Raving Loony Party

Weak XLV

05 November : 11 November

No. 9,138 (cartoon)

Service With a Sneer

Suicide Party

Some Glorious Day, Good and Hard

History Repeats Itself?

Discovering Leonard Cohen

Pickling Nell’s Interest


12 November : 19 November

No. 8,649 (cartoon)


Harvesting Brains


Above The Really Really Great Room



Moose Deadlock


20 November : 25 November

No. 8,034 (cartoon)

Anthropomorphizing Space Creatures

Flat as a Billiard Ball

A Excellent Excuse

Exactly the Opposite of the Same

The Self-Indulgent Trouble I See


26 November : 02 December

No. 5,469 (cartoon)

Extinction! Your Future

Congenital Problems

Underground Earthquake Kills Four

Meeting Efficiencies

Long Live the Internet!

My Biggest Grant of the Millennium


03 December : 10 December

No. 5,839 (cartoon)

Current Spouses

For the Person Who Has Everything

Molotov! L’chaim!

The Meaning of Fear

Mad Trump Disease

Spooky Sexuality

The Truthiness about Glenn

Weak L

11 December : 16 December

No. 791 (cartoon)

Stop Me If You’ve Heard This One Before

Internet Archive Driverless Truck

My Penis Bone

Every Sperm Is Sacred

Six Foot One

Weak LI

17 December : 23 December

No. 7,855 (cartoon)

Steal This Idea

Potato Miscalculations

Heroes of the Russian Federation

Typo(s) of the Year

A pox on Kapoor and Temple

FAQ Answered

Weak LII

24 December : 31 December

No. 4,683 (cartoon)

The Patron Saint of Pawnbrokers

Free Joe!

Fast Cheetahs and Slow Observers

Carrie Fisher’s Bad Timing

Old Swine in New Bottles

End of the Line: Leslie Graham 1930-2016

Rainier Ale: The End of the Line (Unfinished)

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