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An Artist’s Notebook of Sorts

Weak I

01 January : 08 January

No. 2,284 (cartoon)

Exit Strategies

The View From My Window

(Not) Eating Crow

Galactic Alert!

(No) Japanese Tuna Casserole

Birthday Complications

Twenty-Five Nine-Letter Words

Weak II

09 January : 14 January

No. 7,664 (cartoon)

Forbidden Horseograph

Hopeless Texans

Blank Canvas

String Theory and Dark Matter Drivel

The Great Molasses Flood Revisited

Weak III

15 January : 21 January

No. 2,221 (cartoon)

No Amazon Bridges



Ardeotis kori

Parts Unknown

Manual Graphics Generator

Weak IV

22 January : 29 January

No. 146 (cartoon)

GiGi Wu GoneGone

More Prowessy

Burns Night Fence

Hedgehog Love

David Glenn Rinehart, Rotter

William Butler Yeats

Red or Green?

Weak V

30 January : 04 February

No. 644 (cartoon)

Winding Up a Drunk

World Read Aloud Day

A Smelly, Stinky Reënactment Manoeuvre

Football Strategies

Art Machine

Weak VI

05 February : 11 February

No. 741 (cartoon)

Happy New Year

Trustworthy Models

On by Woods Evening Stopping a Snowy


The Magic Number

Miss Prissypuss’s Secular Dinner

Weak VII

12 February : 19 February

No. 44 (cartoon)

Valentine’s Day Date

Genitalia in the News

Archival Leak

Ninety-nine Percent of Everything

Unexplored Implicarions

Eclipsing My Own Nadir

Everything You Don’t Have to Do


20 February : 25 February

No. 6,836 (cartoon)

Melvin Edward “Slappy” White

Bad Doggies!

Xin Xiaomeng

Devil Worship

Robert Burns Plinth

Weak IX

26 February : 04 March

No. 5,744 (cartoon)

His Wife Can’t Have Her

Better Luck Elusive

Go Helgemo!

Dare to be Dumb!

Metal Sphere (Orbit) and Metal Sphere (Triptych)

Cheesing Off Babies

Weak X

05 March : 12 March

No. 6,537 (cartoon)

Bad Doggy Redux

Aromatic Art

Malaysia Airlines Flight 370

A Leica Nooky Hesum

Remembering Michael Jackson

Be Nice to Cats!

Andrea’s Shoelaces

Weak XI

13 March : 18 March

No. 7,218 (cartoon)

Inanimate Relationships

Stuck in 2003

Micropixie Revisited

Our Hearts Alight

The Problem with Politics

Weak XII

19 March : 25 March

No. 9,549 (cartoon)

Advice Taken, I Promise

Springtime on Everest

Country Music Kills (Again)

Boone Times

A Blueprint for Life

Innovations in Travel Misery


26 March : 02 April

No. 3,746 (cartoon)

A Downright Moron’s Downright Moron

Allman Brothers Dead or Live?

Archival Felix

An Absence of Meaning

Three Mexican Countries

April Fools

Not a Dadgum Thing

Weak XIV

03 April : 08 April

No. 8,520 (cartoon)

The Dead Have Risen

A Fishy Morality Sale

Paint by Numbers Black Square Painting

Help Me! I’m Normal!

My Father at Ninety-Nine

Weak XV

09 April : 15 April

No. 2,324 (cartoon)

Melissophobe Alert!

Cheryl’s Blackmail Material

Leave ’em Laughing!

Wheelchair Tennis Fiasco

Lethal Cassowary Omelet

God Hates Frogs

Weak XVI

16 April : 23 April

No. 3,468 (cartoon)

Proof Negative

The Restroom in His Pants

Bicycle Day

No Tortillas on Cerrado

Stop Press: Americans Died

Chamomile Chester

The Peruvian Flute Band Heist


24 April : 29 April

No. 6,846 (cartoon)

Bone Appétit!

Parenting on Drugs

Always Remember Dead People

This Is Photography

Loophole Louie


30 April : 06 May

No. 5,468 (cartoon)

Mangiagati Nudge Nudge Wink Wink

Mona Lisa Deconstructed

Abandoned Books

Better Mistakes

Cinco Dias en Mayo

In Your Imagination

Weak XIX

07 May : 14 May

No. 6,746 (cartoon)

Galahs Down Under

The Alligator in Her Pants

Spanish Inquisition Update

Great Philosophers Agree

A Less Odoriferous World

Meat Garden

Mystery Solved!

Weak XX

15 May : 20 May

No. 5,374 (cartoon)

The Sans Frisco Lesion of Honor

Earthquakes on the Moon!

Efficacious Delusions

Intentionally Not Blank

Nose Oil

Weak XXI

21 May : 27 May

No. 5,354 (cartoon)

Photorealism Revisited

My Retirement from Baseball

Two Things About Rooster Sauce

Woodstock Fifty

Bad Drawing

Memorial Day


28 May : 04 June

No. 4,553 (cartoon)

Emmy the Survivor

Infinite Strangeness

Macadamia Malarkey

Aldus PageMaker 1.0

Making and Avoiding Making Art

Academic Bullshit

Burying Twenty Desiccated Banana Peels and Two Ephemeral Columns


05 June : 10 June

No. 1,169 (cartoon)

All of My Negatives

D-Day Remembrance

Some Things Never Change

The Complete OK Computer

International Exhibition (Thirtieth Anniversary)


11 June : 17 June

No. 641 (cartoon)

Invoice Season

Basebat and Baseglove

Exposure Record

Jean Cocteau’s Amazing Day

Audio Spring Cleaning

David Hockney’s Faux Retrospectives

Weak XXV

18 June : 25 June

No. 903 (cartoon)

Love by the Numbers

A Shaky Foothold

Y Chromosome Conversation Inhibitor

The Afflatus of Flatus

Primitive Music

The Antidote to Vertigo

Thirty Years Ago


26 June : 01 July

No. 3,255 (cartoon)

Nondescript Undefined

More Fun Than Athlete’s Foot!

Withered Shrubbery?

Rainier Ale Muscle

Out of the Archive


02 July : 08 July

No. 5,683 (cartoon)

Great Show, No Encore (2009 Rerun)

Victoria’s Philosophy (2014 rerun)

Ms. Wilson’s Curious Preference (1998 rerun)

No Guns of Any Kind, Musicians, Pets, Food, and Beverages (2012 rerun)

Space-time Continuum Shortcut (2000 rerun)

Only Users Lose Drugs (2004 rerun)


09 July : 16 July

No. 6,358 (cartoon)

El Chapo and El Cheapo

Minimalist Pizza Box


And a Rattlesnake Too!

Dead Man at Deadman Campground

Bad Dogs, Oy!

The Cure for Writer’s Cramp


17 July : 22 July

No. 7,456 (cartoon)

No More Manholes in Berkeley


Fifty Years Off the Moon

Anastasia’s Wetzlar Necklace

Finished Means Done

Weak XXX

23 July : 29 July

No. 6,776 (cartoon)

Rockridge Recipe No. I (Boiled Egg)

Fiona’s Grand Mal Rant

Rockridge Recipe No. II (Ramen)

Coulrophobiacs Riot

Rockridge Recipe No. III (Peanut Butter Sandwich)

The Pitter-Patter of Flea-Bitten Feet


30 July : 06 August

No. 6,745 (cartoon)

Steve Sawyer 1956-2019

An Entheogen Cuppa

Execrable Moonlight Serenade

Another Day, Another Slaughter (El Paso, Texas)

Another Day, Another Slaughter (Dayton, Ohio)

More Entertainment

The Mopping Threshold


07 August : 12 August

No. 2,416 (cartoon)

Chartreuse All Over

Insolent Meower

Double Yolked Eggs

Just Apply Pressure

Living Off Plants!


13 August : 19 August

No. 2,402 (cartoon)

Steve King’s Family Values

Dubious Coordinates

In and Out of My Mind

Regular versus Frequent

Noisy-le-Grand Tragedy



20 August : 27 August

No. 7,964 (cartoon)

Academy of Military Aesthetics

Siuslaw High School (triptych)

Who’s on First in Space?

A New Era of Social Service

Old Enough to Remember Newspapers

Clearer Thinking

Taking Photographs, Not Pictures


28 August : 02 September

No. 2,945 (cartoon)

John Fahey and Nobody

Dodgy Business

Black Mask Revisited

National Gallery of Olde Art

How to Read The New Yorker


03 September : 09 September

No. 4,933 (cartoon)

Life Imitates Art (again)

Vietnam Veterans Memorial

Steel Disc

Sidewalk Art

Oxford Comma

Robert Frank


10 September : 17 September

No. 3,685 (cartoon)

Know Your Groceries

Rhymes With Hell

Research Comes First

Seems Like a Good Idea to Me

The 2019 Ig Nobel Prizes (Yawn)

Scoundrel Alert!

Representatives Not Wanted


18 September : 23 September

No. 6,832 (cartoon)

The Washington Monument

(Not) The Oldest Mall

The Shower of My Nightmares

Doberman Dung

Soft on Crime


24 September : 30 September

No. 6,267 (cartoon)

How My Brain Works

Seymor’s a Vagueabond

Birthday Math

Woori Mart

Hospital Tales

Pork Dust

Weak XL

01 October : 08 October

No. 3,571 (cartoon)

Hank’s Hog Heaven

Anita’s Birthday Outfit

National Poetry Day

Toxic Babies

Yours Truly’s Great Breakfast

Air and Door


Weak XLI

09 October : 14 October

No. 8,672 (cartoon)

A (Wrong) Way With Words

Dedham Invitation

Stupidity Springs Longer

The Burj Khalifa

Monopolizing My Time


15 October : 21 October

No. 5,247 (cartoon)

Dog Years

The Only Architectural Curve in Dedham

Farm Fresh versus Factory Fresh


Practicing in Theory and Practice

Work. Work. Work.


22 October : 29 October

No. 7,413 (cartoon)

Road Rats

Stupid Joggers

Free Drinks for Life!

Ticking Off Moose


Aggressively Quaint

Now With Extra Rat!


30 October : 04 November

No. 5,414 (cartoon)

White Glitter Pumpkin

The Way It Is

Bad Things With Food

Musical Causation or Coincidence?

Halfway Through In-between

Weak XLV

05 November : 11 November

No. 2,583 (cartoon)

Orbital Wine

Encantado Shadow

The Job of Art

An Unthinkable Scandal!

Nuclear Waste Whale

Hiccups (Yawn)


12 November : 19 November

No. 4,173 (cartoon)

Another What?

Crisis? What Crisis?

New Mexico Light

Furtwängler Revisited

It’s Lard!

Point Taken

More Geniuser Than Usual


20 November : 25 November

No. 2,453 (cartoon)

An Exciting New Dimension


Wasted Revisited

(Not) The One Thing That Really Irritates

Thinking Kills


26 November : 02 December

No. 2,539 (cartoon)

Furtively Making Omelette Rolls

Broken Filter

Prefab Nostalgia

A Pencil Sharpener?!

Ignorance and Laziness Über Alles

The Fix Is In!


03 December : 10 December

No. 2,448 (cartoon)

The Triumph of Mono

Camera Shop

Shower Curtain

Shrouded Dreck

The Point Reyes Filling Station

Safe Travels?

Dangerous Drinking in Japan

Weak L

11 December : 16 December

No. 3,482 (cartoon)

The Cure for Sobriety

Blinder Than a One-eyed Doorknob

Umbrella Skeleton

Skiing on the Autobahn

Physician Verbal Orders

Weak LI

17 December : 23 December

No. 3,453 (cartoon)

Not More Than One Peacock

Choking on Hairballs

Bicycle Day Toilets

Glenn Albert Rinehart 1920-1991

Whip Smart

Is Wine Better Than Beer?

Weak LII

24 December : 31 December

No. 2,572 (cartoon)

Outliving Jesus

Christmas Warning

Accelerated Genealogical Aging

My Wonderful Career

Addictive Noodles


Here and There (Diptych)

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