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An Artist’s Notebook of Sorts

Weak I

01 January : 08 January

No. 838 (cartoon)


Mediocre Redwood

Stopping Thinking About Drinking

No More Lunar Eclipses

I’m Not My Fault

Thirty-Five on My Birthday

Intentionally Blank (Claremont Canyon)

Weak II

09 January : 14 January

No. 7,570 (cartoon)

Pitchers and Catchers


Getting in Touch with San Francisco

Agin’ Photographer’s Lament

Writing Beyond Reproach

Weak III

15 January : 21 January

No. 2,985 (cartoon)

The Decisive Bovine Moment

Nothing Personal

Clichés in the News

Making Stupid Art

The Eithers and the Ors

Fifty Years (and Change) Later

Weak IV

22 January : 29 January

No. 2,413 (cartoon)

The Holy Free Wine Scam

The Evolution of the McIntosh

The Bulgarian National Bank

Another Divine Scam

Morons at High Noon

Life Imitates Art


Weak V

30 January : 04 February

No. 5,499 (cartoon)

A Waste of Soup

Forty-five Million Strikeouts


Kick Out the Jams


Weak VI

05 February : 11 February

No. 2,418 (cartoon)

Colleen’s Homemade Soup


Mojo Nixon

I Shot an Arrow into the Air

Carl Scheffler and Herbert Hoover

The Bad Art Network

Weak VII

12 February : 19 February

No. 2,701 (cartoon)

What Do Professional Football Players Do?

Thoughts on VD

International Conceptual Artist of the Year

Brewda-toofah Revisited

Octopus Plus Octopus Equals ...

Caboose Life

Bucatino no. 15 and Bucatini no. 15 (Diptych)


20 February : 25 February

No. 806 (cartoon)

Fiction Comes True

A Crappy Photograph of an Uneventful Event

Salsa Bomb

Died Doing What He Loved Best

Bucatini no. 15 with Trumpets and Banana

Weak IX

26 February : 04 March

No. 9,392 (cartoon)

Irregular Pizza Remnant

Aerial Maneuvers in the Dark

A Century of Surrealism

Tower of Power Anecdote

Alcoholism’s Toll on Language

Shoddy Research

Three Black Holes, Flint, Michigan (Triptych)

Weak X

05 March : 12 March

No. 4,291 (cartoon)

My Hypothetical Ten-thousand Hillbilly Babies

Just Asking for a Friend

Amelia Mary Earhart and Malaysia Airlines Flight 370

Because Everything Is

Lake Cleawox False Horizon

Pseudotsuga Menziesii Detritus on Canvas

Bucatini no. 15 and Garage Door (Monodiptych)

Weak XI

13 March : 18 March

No. 4,667 (cartoon)

A Warped and Wobbly Pi Day

The Abominable Jalapeño

Death to Liquid Death!

alarkey Toasts

Bucatini no. 15 and Oak Grafting

Weak XII

19 March : 25 March

No. 7,398 (cartoon)

Kraler-Rath Syndrome Misdiagnosis

Whatever Happened to Bad Sex?

Eno at the Grocery Store

Cleanliness Is Next to Ignorance

The Scottish Hot Seductress

Sixteen Frozen Pink Salmon Fillets Entombed in Plastic


26 March : 02 April

No. 2,940 (cartoon)

Sharon Stone, Living Artist

Five AM Shadow, Spider

Whiskey Breakfast

BLINK (The Photographic Numbers Game Revisited)

Clichés Come to Life and Death

Andy, St. Stupid’s Chosen One

Acme Sour Baguette and Bucatini no. 15

Weak XIV

03 April : 08 April

No. 8,734 (cartoon)

Leon Russell’s Dictionary Debate with Phil Spector

Ramones Forever!

Crinkled Taters Shroud



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