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An Artist’s Notebook of Sorts

Weak I

01 January : 08 January

No. 6,002 (cartoon)

The New Year in Japan

A Different Kind of Humor

Ulysses in the Wrong Spectrum


Success and Failure

A Most Auspicious Day

Slaughters Here and There

Weak II

09 January : 14 January

No. 2,451 (cartoon)

Oh Maybellene!

Professional Courtesy Among Terrorists

Killer Camel Kisses

Toothpaste Tortilla Chips

Double Penis Amputation

Weak III

15 January : 21 January

No. 326 (cartoon)

I’ll Be Grateful When They’re Dead

True Friends

A Morning Without Coffee

Styrofoam Smile

Unavoidable Success

Butternut Squashed

Weak IV

22 January : 29 January

No. 5,460 (cartoon)

Pi(e) Day

The IQ Fifty Chronicles

Burns Night

Dame Edna’s New Books

Whale Beer


Kitchen Overload

Weak V

30 January : 04 February

No. 5,909 (cartoon)

(Not) A Life of Extravagant Wealth and Hedonistic Excess

Intelligence is Intelligence

Good Pottery

Thirty-Dollar Burrito

My Alleged Nadir

Weak VI

05 February : 11 February

No. 6,391 (cartoon)

Dead Silence

Night Fellows

Space Critters Among Us!

Kenji Ekuan

Maui versus Waikiki


Weak VII

12 February : 19 February

No. 1,171 (cartoon)

Before or After Five?

Happy VD!

Hawai’ian Islands Ukulele Festival

A Major Oversight

Induced into the Sewing Hall of Fame

X’nnián kuàilè!

Photoshop at Twenty-five


20 February : 25 February

No. 5,424 (cartoon)

Rorschach’s Erotic Drawings

George Washington, Slaver

What Doesn’t Come Out of the Vagina

Not Steve Jobs’ Sixtieth Birthday

Maraschino Cherries in the News

Weak IX

26 February : 04 March

No. 6,505 (cartoon)

Socks née SDSS J0100+2802

Leonard Simon Nimoy, Marketing Genius

Seven Thousand Days in a Row

The Killer Rabbit of Caerbannog Revisited

Iggy the Curator


Weak X

05 March : 12 March

No. 3,609 (cartoon)

Infinite Toothpaste

One More Retired Person Needed

A Decisive Moment for Fools

Unhappy Birthdays

Meeting My First Philistine

Delightfully Unscientific

Boy Scout Mission Accomplished!

Weak XI

13 March : 18 March

No. 4,923 (cartoon)

My New Diet

Unsound Musician

Not Listening to What’s Unsaid

(Not) Photographing Trees

Watering the Homeless for God

Weak XII

19 March : 25 March

No. 869 (cartoon)

Dr. Wiles at Sixty

That Could Have Been Me

Nothing to See

My Three Dietary Options

False Dates

Rhonda’s Plagiarism


26 March : 02 April

No. 2,732 (cartoon)

Victim of Gravity

Brain Shortage

Statistics Aren’t Good for You

Dinners with Imelda

Communications Breakdown

Three Hundred and Seventy-Three Days a Fool

Embarrass, Minnesota

Weak XIV

03 April : 08 April

No. 8,363 (cartoon)

Most People Are Other People

Jelly Bean Flavored Easter Grass

Meals to Eat Over the Sink

The Reality Fairy

My Father’s Ninety-fifth Birthday

Weak XV

09 April : 15 April

No. 3,731 (cartoon)

Better Than No Shrift

My Kind of Intellectual Rigor

A Can of Grits at a Firefight


The Armadillo’s Revenge

Water Is for Fighting

Weak XVI

16 April : 23 April

No. 6,259 (cartoon)

A Maggot in the Big Apple

Double Down Dog

Cedric’s Mirror

No Idea

A Waste of Capers

Booting Themselves Up by Their Pull Straps

(B)Light Whiskey


24 April : 29 April

No. 5,057 (cartoon)

Death and Sex

Wrong Wrong!

No Step at a Time

Two Ephemeral Columns

Six-Inch Pocket Shark


30 April : 06 May

No. 7,113 (cartoon)

The Life of Riley

The K-T Boundary for Idiots

Jonathan Basile’s Library of Babel

A Bear in Her Underwear

Not a Practicing Alcoholic

Child Obesity Begins Here

Weak XIX

07 May : 14 May

No. 5,862 (cartoon)

My Worthless Signature


Kissing Your Brother

The Wrong Pheromones

The Hun’s M9

Gallons of Stewed Iguanas

Timeless B.B. King

Weak XX

15 May : 20 May

No. 5,138 (cartoon)

Passport Logic

Bananas Forever

Are Any Goldfish Still With Me?

A Defining Smile

A Lot of Misinformation About Music

Weak XXI

21 May : 27 May

No. 3,363 (cartoon)

Dr. Batlan’s New Orleans

Geometrically Challenged Shelves

Psycho-Technical Directorate Logotype

No More Tin Foil Hats in Richmond


Another Bulletproof [sic] Vest


28 May : 04 June

No. 9,613 (cartoon)

In Caffeine We Trust

Another Poetic Ambush Thwarted

Paint on Canvas

Happy Sweat

An Overdue Acknowledgement

Botulism Banquet

Incomprehensible Procreation


05 June : 10 June

No. 1,258 (cartoon)

Fisherman’s Wharf, Not Fishermen’s Wharf

The Grammar Vigilantes


The Commercial Triumph of “Anarchy”

Inside the Back End


11 June : 17 June

No. 7,111 (cartoon)

No Free Jazz

A Ass Pocket of Whiskey

It’s Too Late

Jean Cocteau’s Amazing Day

The Summer of a Lifetime

Art & Fear

Weak XXV

18 June : 25 June

No. 1,286 (cartoon)

Dependable Computer Advice

A Parody of His Former Self

Rainbow-flavored Solstice Balderdash


Losers’ Flag

A Hundred and Twenty Degrees in the Shade

Thirty-Seven Pellucid Seaweed Sheets


26 June : 01 July

No. 5,308 (cartoon)

Ask the Nearest Reactionary

Nondescript as Described

Wasting Time on Bacon

Someone’s Impostering Me!

Several Suckers a Second


02 July : 08 July

No. 9 (cartoon)

Reading Hands

Alice Day

Listening to Explosives

I’m Grateful They’re Dead

The Baking Catch

Twin Death Bed Revisited


09 July : 16 July

No. 2,509 (cartoon)

I Think, Therefore I Am Not Sure

Lick Old Ladies Home


Eric’s Love Life

Six Winks Short of an Icicle

Oskar Groening

One Millimeter from Indeterminate Grams


17 July : 22 July

No. 3,364 (cartoon)

Humpty Dumpty Self-plagiarism Aborted

Jesus Riding a Dinosaur

And on the Derrière of It

Fame and Success

How to Reduce Paper Clutter

Weak XXX

23 July : 29 July

No. 1,259 (cartoon)

Pretty Vacant

Thinking of Madame Bovary

Thia’s Closest Friend

Earrings in Bed

The Birth of Cubism



30 July : 06 August

No. 5,033 (cartoon)

Happy Birthday to It!

Learning from Armadillos

A Pretty Good Photograph

Common Denominators


Louche World

This Looks Like This


07 August : 12 August

No. 5,621 (cartoon)

Lenscap Photo Show

Immigration Point Finger

Fruitflies and Me

A Pathetic Obituary

Ted Kennedy Memorial Reading Glasses


13 August : 19 August

No. 7,980 (cartoon)

The House That Swill Built


Work in Progress

Thinking of Something Else


Feeling Retarded


20 August : 27 August

No. 2,213 (cartoon)

The Worst Context for Art

Such Good Friends

(Not) Eating Out

I Must Be Bored

Inevitable Hangovers

Adriana’s Banana

Five Presidio Block L Doors


28 August : 02 September

No. 2,743 (cartoon)

I Had a Dream

I Love a Parade

The Americans

God Told Me to Skin You Alive

Literally Dead


03 September : 09 September

No. 1,317 (cartoon)

Brainless Toupee

Wasps or Testicles?

Pouring Man 2015

Remembering Mike Roselle

Curly’s Masterpiece

Just Poodling About


10 September : 17 September

No. 5,008 (cartoon)

Attack on America, Day One (rerun)

The One About the Greek and the Italian (rerun)

Can’t Have It Both Ways (rerun)

Artists’ Activities (rerun)

Remembering Elva Shorts (rerun)

The Devil’s Avocado (rerun)

Is There Ain’t Nothing? (rerun)


18 September : 23 September

No. 3,361 (cartoon)

Maggots for Brains Research

Frutiger, Zapf, et al

All About Gerrit

Now It’s Over

Happy Birthday for Free


24 September : 30 September

No. 1,262 (cartoon)

Here to There and Back Again

Volkswagen’s Image Problem

Timeless versus Dated

No Roller

Coffee Crisis Alarm

The Eleventh Avenue Doors

Weak XL

01 October : 08 October

No. 6,263 (cartoon)

Birthday Math

Adored by Otters, Cursed by Women

National Poetry Day

An Oasis of Catsup

The Most Efficacious Ale

Airbus Group Robs Nude Bondage Airlines

Tardy Pouring Man 2014

Weak XLI

09 October : 14 October

No. 3,759 (cartoon)

I Suppose It’s a Violin

The False Promise of Expensive Equipment

Gender Questioning

Twenty Desiccated Banana Peels

Humane Saudi Crucifiction


15 October : 21 October

No. 9,881 (cartoon)

Never That Fabulous

Ed Rusha’s Splendid Ego

Sarah MacLean’s Insights

We Told Each Other So

Screaming at the Bottom of His Lungs

Tickling the Ivories


22 October : 29 October

No. 7,982 (cartoon)

Forever Young: Cryotherapy Works!

Drunks and Experts

Doesn’t Seem Like Art

Hot Dogs Are People Too


The Timeless Middle East

The Campaign Against Sex Robots


30 October : 04 November

No. 2,113 (cartoon)

Perfidious Periodicals

Daylight Savings [sic] Time

Effective Rain Gear

2346 Fulton Street

Raccoon Attack!

Weak XLV

05 November : 11 November

No. 6,453 (cartoon)

A Macabre, Bacon-flavored Tale

Exactly This

Abraham’s Résumé

It Lightninged!

Hirsute Critters

Whack Gallery


12 November : 19 November

No. 4,107 (cartoon)

Email Etiquette

Alcoholic Linguistics Down Under

The Illiterati Win

Sans Frisco is Not in Idaho

A Whole Lot of Coffee Goodness

Clamorous Rollercoaster Coil



20 November : 25 November

No. 8,751 (cartoon)

Wuv and War

Follow the Curve, Not the Line

Every Vital Impulse Slowly Withering


Important Points to Consider When Washing Your Hands


26 November : 02 December

No. 5,643 (cartoon)

For the Arts

Accelerating at Five Hundred Times Gravity

The Virgin Jesus on a Banana Peel

Robert Frank Has No Socks

And Heaven Knows He’s Miserable Now

The Impact of Big Data


03 December : 10 December

No. 129 (cartoon)

Turtle Love

Monday Plans? (Tora! Tora! Tora!)

Burgundy Jeans

Found Paper Sculpture

What Do You Do with a Drunken Sailor?

Off the Rails without a Paddle

Was Jesus a Zombie?

Weak L

11 December : 16 December

No. 1,953 (cartoon)

Suicide Doggy-Style

How to Walk Like a Murderer

Not Going Back

Dead Angel

On LSD in Chicago

Weak LI

17 December : 23 December

No. 2,110 (cartoon)

O’Hare Insecurity

Fernande Grudet

Cows Must Die Diener

Dad’s Deathday

Exploding Beer Angel

I Won!

Weak LII

24 December : 31 December

No. 8,887 (cartoon)

Christmas Grass?

Relaxing with Alice


Sending Claudio to The Marketing Hall of Fame

Ian Kilmister Had a Good Run


Twenty Years of This Nonsense

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