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An Artist’s Notebook of Sorts

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26 November 2016

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No. 5,469 (cartoon)

I want your love.

You have my abhorrence.

Close enough.

27 November 2016

Extinction! Your Future

Joe Corré, son of the late Sex Pistols manager Malcolm McLaren, lit up the cultural scene in London yesterday.

Yep, he quite literally lit it up.

Corré burned over five million dollars worth of punk memorabilia under a banner that read, “Extinction! Your Future,” an eloquent statement that punk is dead. Or, more accurately, he noted that punk has been “privatized, packaged, and castrated,” and that, “punk is a McDonald’s brand.”

Punk is dead; long live pvnk.

28 November 2016

Congenital Problems

Ken avoided seeing a doctor for years with good reason. That way he avoided hearing any bad news, the kind he heard when he finally went in for an exam.

Ken’s doctor told him that he has congenital heart problems. I’m not sure exactly what that means, but it doesn’t sound good; it doesn’t sound good at all.

My first response is one of curiosity, not despair. Congenital is Spanish for, “with genitals,” and I can’t begin to imagine the connection even though I appreciate that everything is interconnected.

This can’t be good; this can’t be good at all.

29 November 2016

Underground Earthquake Kills Four

The Guardian, a generally reliable source of news, reported on a recent tragedy: “Underground earthquake leaves at least four miners dead in Poland.”

Has there ever been an earthquake that wasn’t an underground earthquake?

30 November 2016

Meeting Efficiencies

Ursula knows how to run efficient meetings. She packs everyone into the smallest room she can find, then seals the doors and windows. As a result, the meeting ends sooner than later when the oxygen supply is depleted.

That’s certainly clever, and underscores the fact that big business is a big bore.

1 December 2016

Long Live the Internet!

Caitlin, who knows these things, told me the grammar police have declared the Internet, er, the internet should no longer be capitalized. I’m sure she’s right, but I’m going to ignore the recent edicts and continue to spell it the way I always have. That should annoy people; that’s what curmudgeons do.

The Internet is dead, long live the Internet!

2 December 2016

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My Biggest Grant of the Millennium

I just heard from a representative of the Kahle/Austin Foundation that my proposal for a new project, Less Is More: Bay Area Aesthetic Enhancement Proposal, was approved! They’re funding the entire budget, three dollars and fifty cents!


Here’s a brief description ...

Provide a prolific artist with a modest grant with the requirement that s/he produce and/or disseminate no creative work for an entire day.

Ascertain the effect on the aesthetic and cultural environment of the San Francisco Bay Area: is it enhanced or adversely affected by a measurable reduction in art production and dissemination?

I love to work at nothing all day, and soon I shall!


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