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An Artist’s Notebook of Sorts

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Weak XI


13 March 2023

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No. 1,792 (cartoon)

How can you leave after I put my heart and soul into our relationship?

You are heartless, and you have no soul.

14 March 2023

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Pi, Flipped Pi, and Pie

Today is Pi Day, 3.141592653589793238462 ... and all that.

I used a little bit of typographic chicanery to connect the numbers with the relevant letters, et voilà! I conflated Pi Day with Pie Day by making, Pi, Flipped Pi, and Pie.

15 March 2023


I have a glymphatic system! Big news, at least to me! That’s why, despite what some of my most trusted and learned friends say, my mind is not full of crap.

I’ve always thought that the brain prunes its synapses, reorganizes its data, and flushes its cache while asleep. Or something like that. And well now I’ll be danged if the brain doesn’t literally flush itself out with cerebrospinal fluid in the glymphatic system to get rid of physical waste.

This explains a lot of behavior by people who never flush their cranium, the imbeciles I shall continue to call shit-fer-brains.

16 March 2023

Ten Middle-Aged Battles

Michelle sent me synopses of little-known battles from the Middle Ages: The Battle of Fontenoy (841), The Battle of Helgeå (1026), The Battle of Manzikert (1071), The Battle of Legnano (1176), The Battle of Fimreite (1184), The Battle of Bouvines (1214), The Battle of Mohi (1241), The Battle of Lake Peipus (1242), The Battle of Beverhoutsveld (1382), and The Battle of Grunwald (1410). I’ve never heard of any of them; I don’t even know where they took place.

I didn’t check the box scores to see how many thousands of people died, but I did take time to grimace at all the fighters hacking each other to pieces with swords and axes. And for what? I wonder how different our world would be if the sides that lost would have won instead.

I suppose I could look at this from an intellectual, political, or philosophical perspective, but that’s all too much work for me. As Edwin Starr admitted, “The thought of war blows my mind.”

17 March 2023

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Douglas Fir White Stripes

I have no idea where the white stripes on the stump of the Douglas fir came from; perhaps I should ask John Anthon Gillis.

18 March 2023

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Why my Typography is Bad

I’m so glad that I discovered Charles M. Taylor Junior’s 1902 book, Why my Photographs are Bad. I’m going to pay him my highest compliment by plagiarizing his work.

I’m not going to copy the book; that’s too obvious. Instead, I’ll appropriate the concept in my next book, Why my Typography is Bad. Thanks, Chuck!

Coming next weak: more of the same.


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